Selecting pipe and piping materials


IMEG Director of Innovation Jeff Boldt and Senior Mechanical Engineering Specialist Keith Stone cover the many factors involved in selecting pipe and piping materials in this article published by C-SE magazine.


Alternative energy solutions for healthcare projects


Options and associated needs to consider during the programming phase


Engineering a renovation at a national monument


Museum restoration one of six IMEG projects at Gateway Arch National Park


Future-proofing a chilled-water system


IMEG Senior Mechanical Engineer Kevin Langan provides advice for designing chilled-water systems that will operate properly for years to come in this article published by C-SE magazine.


Specifying air handling units is a balancing act


IMEG Senior Mechanical Engineer Matt Chandler writes about navigating the criteria for AHU design in this article published by C-SE magazine


How to get the most effective, cost-efficient security design


Often taken for granted, security should be considered early in design process


Q&A with IMEG GIS Manager Mike Demmon


Global Information System service provides geospatial context of a project

3-D and VR walkthroughs


Experiencing how a design works is key for processes


Building commissioning more critical than ever


Complex controls, stricter codes and standards bring Cx to the forefront


Uniquely Hospitable


From a Frank Lloyd Wright renovation to Disney’s newest resort, these IMEG-engineered hotels provide comfort and much more


Potential impacts of a unified green code


A Q&A with IMEG Sustainability Director Adam McMillen


Guiding a project that is targeting net zero


Tips to help your design become reality

How smart is your building? Take this quiz


If your building’s annual energy use were to be published...


Go back to school with KJWW


A study guide to keep AEC professionals at the head of their class


Professional Engineering Services in a Design-Build Delivery Model


In the not-so-distant future, when you visit a medical facility you will be seated at a carousel and start the process in front of a computer screen.


If energy reporting has you concerned, energy modeling may be what you need


If your building’s annual energy use were to be published on...


A new alternative to existing low floor-to-floor heights


With modern healthcare facilities requiring taller ceilings...


Emerging University Trends


Collaborative, hands-on spaces are gaining momentum in higher education

Sound answers from David Wright, acoustics & AV specialist


“Our mantra is the integration of acoustics with technology”

Assessing a facility assessment


Comprehensive, organized approach ensures an accurate analysis

Virtual reality: Improved display, imagery make it viable for building design industry


Virtual reality encompasses a large collection of technology...


2015 IBC requires ICC-500 storm shelters for K-12 projects, first-response centers


If your building’s annual energy use were to be published...


Making Sense of Big Data, the “Internet of Things” and Business Intelligence


At a recent healthcare project interview, we were asked about some of the megatrends that we see in healthcare technology.


BIM in the CLOUD


Cloud computing is a very broad term. At its most basic, it is a remote network of connected computing power that can manage data, provide services, and increase processing capabilities.


High-performance lab design provides sustainability, flexibility


A case study on the William H. Danforth Wing research laboratory

Voice-first technology


The future of user interface in buildings

9 ways IoT can improve your building today


For buildings in all markets, the potential benefits are virtually limitless

The science behind laboratory and research facility projects


IMEG Client Executive Mike Lawless provides design advice for the successful performance of labs and research facilities in this C-SE magazine roundtable


Achieving compliance with ASHRAE 90.1-2016


The key elements engineers should understand about the latest edition of this standard. (Article co-authored by Jeff Boldt, IMEG Director of Innovation and Quality, for C-SE magazine.)

WELL Building poised for significant impact on AEC industry


Occupant-focused standard, now beyond 100 million square feet in construction, expected to continue to gain traction


Insulated Concrete Forms


An overview of structural considerations


Modern nurse call systems are capable of providing much more than nurse call


On the surface, a nurse call system seems like...


Flexibility and other trends gaining ground in laboratories


Designs improve collaboration, efficiency and cost-effectiveness


Satisfying NFPA 110 and NEC requirements


IMEG Senior Engineer Richard Vedvik writes about emergency power equipment code compliance in this article published by C-SE magazine.


‘Political will’ is a leading factor in growth of photovoltaics


Community solar projects are among the latest PV trends


Small yet mighty interesting


IMEG portfolio includes many unique projects across all markets