Assessing a facility assessment


Comprehensive, organized approach ensures an accurate analysis


High-performance lab design provides sustainability, flexibility


A case study on the William H. Danforth Wing research laboratory


A new alternative to existing low floor-to-floor heights


With modern healthcare facilities requiring taller ceilings...


If energy reporting has you concerned, energy modeling may be what you need


If your building’s annual energy use were to be published on...


Professional Engineering Services in a Design-Build Delivery Model


In the not-so-distant future, when you visit a medical facility you will be seated at a carousel and start the process in front of a computer screen.


Voice-first technology


The future of user interface in buildings


Guiding a project that is targeting net zero


Tips to help your design become reality


Great Acoustics – It’s a Team Sport!


Delivering a project which meets its acoustic and vibration...


How smart is your building? Take this quiz


If your building’s annual energy use were to be published...


 To LED or to Fluorescent, That is the Question


The lighting industry, much like all electronics industries, is rapidly evolving. It is in fact quite comparable to the cell phone industry.


Acoustics can be hard


Getting it right with concrete, block and stone


Virtual reality: Improved display, imagery make it viable for building design industry


Virtual reality encompasses a large collection of technology...


2015 IBC requires ICC-500 storm shelters for K-12 projects, first-response centers


If your building’s annual energy use were to be published...


Making Sense of Big Data, the “Internet of Things” and Business Intelligence


At a recent healthcare project interview, we were asked about some of the megatrends that we see in healthcare technology.


Go back to school with KJWW


A study guide to keep AEC professionals at the head of their class


Modern nurse call systems are capable of providing much more than nurse call


On the surface, a nurse call system seems like...


Jumping up and down for a client sends KJWW Engineering team to hospital


The 2015 edition of the International Building code has...


BIM in the CLOUD


Cloud computing is a very broad term. At its most basic, it is a remote network of connected computing power that can manage data, provide services, and increase processing capabilities.


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