IMEG is building a global reputation for engineering services that make our customers' lives easier. We provide a wide range of leadership expertise in building systems, infrastructure, and construction-related services.


Experts in the field of sustainability, IMEG is ranked among the top greenest design firms in the U.S. and is one of the foremost experts in geothermal technology, having engineered the two largest lake-coupled geothermal systems in the world. Our innovative and energy-efficient designs have resulted in three international ASHRAE Society Technology awards, the highest awards in the mechanical engineering field. A leader in high-performance design, IMEG also participated in the development of the new ASHRAE 90.1 energy standards released in 2010, requiring a 30% increase in energy efficiency above today’s standards and the basis for nearly all energy codes in the United States. We are proud adopters of the 2030 Architecture Challenge and members of the USGBC.


IMEG’s long-standing relationships and experience with local and international airport authorities have made us the go-to engineers for projects ranging from demolition of existing facilities to renovations and expansions to baggage screening facilities and security systems.

IMEG’s commercial portfolio includes retail, restaurants, build-outs, and mixed-use developments, all of which play a vital role in creating neighborhoods where people can live, work, shop, and find recreation with ease.



The modern work environment is constantly evolving, with new technologies requiring complex systems and infrastructures. IMEG’s corporate office experience includes many Fortune 500 companies and some of the leading high-performance corporate office structures in the country.



For more than 50 years, IMEG has provided engineering and consulting services for the new construction and renovations of maximum and medium security facilities. Our experience has led to an understanding of the importance and sensitivity of the critical issues presented by correction facilities.



IMEG has built a strong reputation with some of the leading providers in entertainment, whose facilities must manage large crowds comfortably and efficiently. From air quality to temperature and humidity control to acoustics and lighting, IMEG can provide the expertise in high-performance entertainment design.



From federal courthouses to veterans facilities to the local village hall, IMEG engineers have a long track record of helping public institutions create facilities that are safe, secure, flexible, reliable, redundant, and energy efficient.




We are healthcare specialists who do engineering, and our market-focused engineers, services and disciplines reflect our commitment to healthcare. We have the knowledge and skill to provide expert services on everything from structural design to efficient mechanical support systems and integrated medical equipment solutions.



Our market-focused higher education specialists know their way around campus and and have engineered every type of campus building, including classrooms, labs, libraries, performing arts centers, residence halls, dining facilities, student unions, stadiums, and recreation centers.



Our hospitality design solutions incorporate practical system planning ideas, proven sustainability strategies and innovations in security and technology. These solutions bring long-term value to owners of hotels, casinos, mixed-use developments, convention centers, restaurants, indoor water parks and parking structures.

IMEG’s housing experience ranges from high-rise and multi-family to on- and off-campus student housing and independent living centers. We are committed to designing living environments that take into consideration the environment, safety, comfort, acoustics and lighting needs of the users and staff.


IMEG understands that industrial clients want limited downtime, while at the same time integrating advanced technologies and processes that produce results. We work with many Fortune 500 companies, offering Master Services Agreements for engineering services, as well as for process system, building infrastructure and site utility projects.



Safety, comfort, technology, sustainability and efficient use of space are major issues in new or remodeled schools. IMEG’s goal is to create the best environment for students, teachers and administrators, while working within the appropriate budget.




Mission critical facilities, already key pieces of infrastructure, are destined to become even more critical in the years ahead. IMEG designs for performance efficiencies, energy reduction strategies, system security, reliability, innovative technologies and critical long-term adaptability.



IMEG understands the many critical issues facing highly regulated science and technology environments. As a result, we have become the engineer of choice by industry leaders in biotechnology, forensic sciences, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, materials research and testing, and major universities.



Beyond the logistics of the game, sports arenas, stadiums and recreation centers require the coordination of virtually every engineering discipline to succeed. IMEG has engineered some of the largest venues, from professional sports arenas and collegiate stadiums to recreation centers, natatoriums and outdoor sports complexes.



IMEG’s transportation-focused engineers combine creativity and practicality to meet any project goal or challenge. Our experience ranges from bridge and roadway design to traffic studies and multi-modal facilities.

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