IMEG is building a global reputation of forward-thinking infrastructure design and engineering services for high-performance buildings that maximizes efficiency and flexibility. Our broad spectrum of specialized skills and areas of expertise provide the knowledge our clients require for their unique facility demands. Our range of services includes everything from infrastructure surveys, master plans, and site development to planning, design, building information modeling (BIM), energy modeling, sustainability, LEED certification, on-site construction representation, and systems commissioning. Our disciplines are all-encompassing for building systems and construction support services and include:


Our in-house acoustics specialists combine technical expertise, experience and creativity to provide innovative, cost-effective solutions for noise control, speech intelligibility, room acoustics and vibration control.



Our lighting designers understand the power of light ― its ability to accentuate architecture, create experiences, conserve energy, and form luminous compositions that are breathtaking as well as functional and cost effective.




IMEG is 100 percent Revit based for all our engineering disciplines. We provide dynamic, exceptionally intelligent building information modeling (BIM) due to the company’s robust additions to the standard MEP content provided by Revit software.



We excel in providing the most comprehensive spectrum of bridge engineering services, encompassing: planning, funding assistance, design, construction, inspections, health monitoring and damage investigation of bridges of all types.



We provide civil engineering services for infrastructure projects and have planned and designed public works facilities as well as site improvements for private clients. Our quality engineered design products result in successful construction contracts with minimal change orders.



IMEG’s commissioning agents ensure operational system performance, energy performance, emergency testing and staff training for new, renovated or retro-commissioned buildings, from small libraries and labs to massive hospitals and office complexes.



IMEG has a full-service construction phase services team and our staff is available during planning and construction regardless of the project location. Our Construction Management Placement Plan (CMPP) consists of an oversight management team and a deployable engineering staff.




IMEG’s energy modeling professionals assist owners and designers in optimizing building design by performing value engineering analysis of various building envelope and system alternatives to achieve energy and carbon reduction.



Our in-house fire protection engineers have provided fire protection services in numerous jurisdictions including DSA, OSHPD, NAVFAC, and US Corps of Engineers.




We apply geographic information systems to assist in resource and asset management, alternative evaluation, environmental impact assessment, urban planning, and marketing.


As a key part of our high-voltage transmission and distribution services, IMEG offers comprehensive engineering capabilities. Our team is uniquely qualified to design high-voltage power infrastructures across all market sectors.



IMEG fully integrates medical equipment planning with traditional engineering services. By working with owners, architects and contractors to accommodate equipment system requirements in the design stage, we ensure total integration.



As a full-service engineering firm, IMEG offers an experienced and cohesive MEP team with engineers and design technicians committed to providing quality specialized engineering services ensuring projects are on time and within budget.



What’s involved in properly planning and developing a project site? Begin with collecting all the necessary data to ensure that the project connects with the real world. IMEG has decades of experience in site planning and design and offers full service land development services.



IMEG structural services bring to life the visions of the owner, architect and builder, providing solutions that achieve a project’s specific schedule, cost and complexity challenges. We combine a depth of experience designing varying foundation and framing systems with a set of specialized skills.



Sustainability is a primary focus for IMEG, an area of expertise in which we continually study and train. As a result, we are recognized among the Top 100 greenest design firms in the U.S. by ENR magazine.




Technology convergence of IT, A/V and security systems into one common IT infrastructure is essential to today’s buildings. Independent of vendor alliances, IMEG certified technology and security specialists provide a turnkey implementation plan that ensures full functionality from the first day of facility operation.



From conceptual alternatives to a completed design, we combine creativity and practicality to meet client needs.  Whether expansion of existing corridors or new construction is required, the outcome is the same: a long-term, cost-efficient solution.



IMEG provides specialized infrastructure planning services to our campus facilities clients that include land development, acquisitions, water, sewer, storm drain, power, telephone and all other site infrastructure planning for new and existing college, hospital and similar large campuses.



Communities must be engineered to obtain, treat, transport, and deliver a safe and consistent water supply.  From conceptual alternatives to a completed design, we combine creativity and practicality to meet and surpass the ever-changing regulatory environment.

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