We excel in providing the most comprehensive spectrum of bridge engineering services, encompassing: planning, funding assistance, design, construction, inspections, health monitoring and damage investigation of bridges of all types and materials-including but not limited to:

  • Highway bridges and grade separations.
  • Light rail and heavy rail structures
  • Bike-way and pedestrian bridges
  • Utility structures


A wide range of structures, including:

  • Long-span cable supported structures. CIP, PC/PS Concrete Bridge, Segmental
  • Medium-span, short span bridge and culverts. Steel Girder and Truss Bridges
  • Timber Structures. Composite material bridge and decking system


Our bridge engineering services include but are not limited to:

  • Planning design preparation of plans, specifications and estimates (PS&E)
  • Seismic evaluation and retrofits using innovative and advanced materials
  • Bridge load rating analysis and condition assessments
  • Advanced linear (FEM), nonlinear static and Time-History Analysis,
  • Analysis of cable-supported structures. Analysis for fault-rupture
  • Soil-Foundation-Structure-Interaction. Staged-Construction analysis
  • Seismic design of protection systems (Seismic Isolation, passive and ductile seismic devices)


Additionally, IMEG provides unique expertise and innovative solutions in several specialty areas:

  • Bridge Funding Assistance (HBRR/HBP)
  • BPMP and bridge asset management
  • Bridge inspections, and re-rating of bridges
  • Bridge investigations (EQ, Service damage as well as Construction), Bridge Emergency Response
  • Instrumentation and health monitoring of in-service bridges
  • Value Engineering Analysis
  • Construction Engineering Support and Construction Inspections