IMEG's construction support team provides quality review and assurance for every aspect of a building’s design, beginning when construction documents are released for bid. Acting as liaisons for the engineers, architects, owners, and contractors, our team oversees the construction of a building or installation of a system from start to finish.


When the engineering team delivers their finished design, the construction administrators step in to make sure the job is completed to the specifications of IMEG and the Owner. Each IMEG team has a dedicated construction administrator who does job site observations, often weekly, through project closeout. IMEG construction administrators are available to be on site full time. As construction progresses, the construction administrators provide their engineering team with reviews and updates.


They are involved in:

•  Field takeoff

•  Review of submittals received from architects or contractors (shop drawings, product data, samples, etc.)

•  Job site observations – on-site review for compliance, work completed, and discrepancies

•  Correspondence between all parties including requests for information, change orders, and pay applications

•  Project closeout – reviewing the operation and maintenance manuals, as-built drawings, and commissioning coordination with the engineer


Additionally, many construction administrators perform walk-throughs after a facility has been in use for a year to ensure all systems are working properly and the client is satisfied