Ethics and Compliance

Using the Hotline or Email System


Your reports help us to address and prevent violations of the Code and maintain our commitment to integrity and high ethical business standards.


When using either reporting system, please clearly state your concern or complaint giving as much detail as possible, including the date the conduct occurred.

You’re not required to do so, but if you choose to provide contact information, a more thorough follow-up is possible.


To the extent practically and legally possible, any information you provide, including your identity will be kept in confidence between the Compliance Office, Legal Counsel and those senior managers with a “need to know.”


Lastly, we want to strongly discourage use of this system for reasons outside of its intended purpose, which is for good faith reports of actual or suspected violations of the Code for which there is a credible and factual basis.


Ethics and Compliance Hotline: (800) 380 - 9739



Anonymous Reports


Protecting the identity of innocent people and preventing retaliation for people who make reports in good faith are a priority for IMEG. When making a report, it is encouraged, but not required that you provide your identity. Keep in mind that it may be more difficult or even impossible to thoroughly investigate reports that are made anonymously.


Submit an anonymous report by filling out the following form:

Never use the hotline to report emergencies or incidents when you believe there may be risk of immediate danger.


Instead, tell a supervisor or call your local emergency response personnel.



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