IMEG provides clients with support in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Data Collection and related geospatial services. Using GIS and other data-intensive processing systems, we help our clients better grasp the physical environment, asset layout and spatial distribution of the area they administer. We apply these tools and GIS skills to assist in resource management, asset collection and management, environmental impact assessment, urban and civil planning, spatial and network analyses, geoprocessing, marketing, and more. Much of this work is in relation to larger engineering projects within the firm, but we often consult on independent projects as well. At IMEG, we try to function as an extension of the client’s own staff. In GIS, this frequently means working with everyone from the field crew for data collection to the senior management for spending approval and more. The experience and knowledge of our project team enables us to excel at communicating with all levels of staff throughout a diverse workforce.


We specialize in supporting small- to medium-sized municipal governments and agencies in the design, construction and implementation of a GIS and/or asset management system. This can be project-specific or the beginning of a much larger collection and construction project to develop a comprehensive GIS for the client.


GIS is used in a variety of ways, including spatial analysis, networking, storage/knowledge bank, visual and analytical displays, and more. We strive to work closely with our clients to identify the ideal use of GIS and work hand in hand to maximize its value. As is often necessary during the establishment of a GIS database, we can provide land surveying services for providing the horizontal and vertical controls to provide an accurate foundation to build on.


Our areas of expertise include:

• Municipal Government GIS

• GIS Implementation

• Database Development and Maintenance

• Asset Management

• GPS Data Collection & Update

• Spatial & Network Analysis

• Cartographic Map Production

• ESRI’s ArcGIS Suite and Autodesk’s AutoCAD Suite