Global Communication Facility

Kohler Corporate Communication Facility

IMEG provided design assist and peer review for mechanical and electrical engineering for Kohler’s new global communications headquarters. The one-story building houses the 180-person corporate communications department and features an open floor plan, conference rooms and a 30,000-SF photo/video studio. Designs include a displacement ventilation system which provides unobtrusive space conditioning, as well as flexible power and plumbing feeds to support set erection within the space. Kohler water-efficient plumbing products helped save an estimated 330,000 gallons/year. Parking lot lighting uses LED fixtures and bulbs, reducing energy consumption. Extensive metering of natural gas, electricity, water and sewer allows for detailed tracking of usage by area, time and systems. An integrated design process resulted in the building using approximately 18% less energy annually compared to a standard building of its same size and location.


Kohler, WI



77,000 SF


Services Provided

Commissioning, Acoustics, Electrical, Mechanical