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IMEG Corp. acquires Texas-based BLW Security Group



BLW Security Group, a security consulting and engineering firm based near Austin, Texas, has been acquired by IMEG Corp.


With roots going back to 1982, BLW was formed in 2014 under the leadership of Ray Blackwell, Charles LeBlanc, and David Waldron, a group with more than 70 years’ combined experience. The 13-person firm, located in Bastrop, Texas, specializes in developing advanced security measures for new and existing facilities across many markets including healthcare, education, hospitality, government, industrial, science & technology, and transportation. Its high-profile clients span the globe and benefit from BLW’s balanced use of electronic and operational security elements to provide architecturally unobtrusive yet intensive large-scale security systems and programs.


IMEG President and CEO Paul VanDuyne said the merger with BLW “brings IMEG an enhanced service line focused on advanced security measures and expands our already strong technology group. Their project and market experience also dovetails nicely with ours, and they have a long-time working relationship with the former JanCom Technologies, also in Austin, which joined IMEG one year ago.”


“Our holistic approach to next-generation security is highly regarded throughout the construction and security industries,” said BLW’s David Waldron. “The merger with IMEG provides us with an expanded ability to bring our expertise to new clients and provide existing clients with additional resources.”


For the next several months the firm will do business as BLW Security Group, a Division of IMEG. Eventually BLW team members will be integrated with IMEG’s Austin-based Technology Team, bringing the firm’s corporate-wide technology group to more than 70 professionals.


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