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Hear Sarah Garthaus discuss:


• How VR models are created and presented to clients




• How clients react to being “virtually immersed”




• The benefits of a VR walkthrough




• The future of VR at IMEG



IMEG’s Sarah Garthaus guides BGPD Executive Director

Ryan Risinger through the VR walkthrough.

IMEG creates VR walkthrough of arts center renovation


A virtual reality walkthrough created by IMEG in collaboration with Legat Architects recently allowed the Buffalo Grove (Ill.) Park District to “see” the proposed phase 2 design of the district’s Community Arts Center.


IMEG BIM Manager Sarah Garthaus created the walkthrough “to help the owners understand what the space would look like and feel like,” she said. “Stakeholders often are not trained to read two-dimensional design documents. A virtual reality walkthrough gives them a very clear understanding of the design they are about to receive – and the opportunity to ask for changes early in the design process.”

Phase 2 will complete Legat’s transformation of the former synagogue building and will feature a 13,250-square-foot theater renovation – including tiered seating, a raised ceiling, and acoustic clouds. A new north entrance, concessions stand, renewed lobby, new multipurpose rooms, and improved gathering areas also will be included.


BGPD Executive Director Ryan Risinger told Legat that the walkthrough “exceeded my expectations. I was able to see exactly how the facility is going to look.”


Watch IMEG’s two-minute video on the walkthrough and read more about the project on the Legat website.