Health Information Technology, or HIT: What is it, really, and why does it impact design?

By Corey Gaarde  With literally thousands of definitions of health information technology (HIT) surfacing from a simple Google search, it’s not always easy to understand what HIT is, exactly, and how it affects the design of a healthcare facility.   In the design world, HIT is sometimes referred to as electronic health records (EHR) such as Epic or Cerner; network; telecom; PCs, printers, and fax machines; low voltage systems; and medical

4 key areas of MEP resilience reduce healthcare facility risk during a natural disaster

When a natural disaster strikes a community, your hospital can serve as a beacon of safety – but only if the facility’s vital systems have not been compromised. Without adequate power, ventilation and water, your hospital quickly loses its ability to provide service and safety to patients and staff.