Four things to know about firefighter air replenishment systems (FARS)

Cities across the country are starting to require Firefighter Air Replenishment Systems (FARS) in new high-rise and large commercial buildings to help firefighters battle fires and improve life safety. Here are four things to know: FARS are similar to water standpipes that deliver water for firefighting. FARS use building-installed pipes to deliver breathable air to

ASHRAE’s new standard aims to reduce the risk of airborne disease

By David Bodenschatz ASHRAE has released Standard 241, which establishes minimum requirements to reduce the risk of transmission of infectious aerosols like COVID-19 and the flu in buildings. The standard defines the amount of clean airflow (or equivalent) necessary to substantially reduce the risk of airborne disease transmission during times of elevated risk. It is

Integrating HVAC and ice design leads to the best hockey arenas

When designing a new ice hockey arena, achieving high quality ice should be one of the primary goals. Even so, most owners don’t take time to consider ice quality during the early planning stages. But when the arena is complete and the first puck drops on opening night, ice quality will be the one thing every skater cares about. Read more.