Podcast | 3-2-1: How commercialization launched IMEG into the aerospace industry

This episode takes a brief look at how the commercialization of the aerospace industry has opened the doors for more engineering firms to become engaged in such projects. Guest Ed Dean, an IMEG structural engineer who has designed several launch facility projects, discusses how IMEG entered the market, and the benefits commercially oriented firms bring

Regular structural inspections are critical for identifying issues and avoiding a catastrophe

By Phil De La Mare  Many building owners across the country should have their building’s structural integrity inspected on a regular basis to avoid failure or costly repairs—and even tragedies like the Miami condominium collapse in the summer of 2021.  As a structural engineer with many years of structural forensics experience and repairs, I recommend that all

Code compliance and early collaboration are critical for a monumental stair

The American Institute of Steel Construction’s (AISC) updated guidelines for the design of monumental stairs is just beginning to be understood throughout the design and construction industry. The best approach is to have the architect and structural engineer work as a team and discuss early on what are the important design features of the stair.

‘The scale of the things I do astonishes me’

By Claudia Mederos  Engineering is the engine of prosperity, from steam power to electricity to lasers, to the transistor to the computer. The many disciplines in this career field allow engineers to improve people’s lives, clean up the air, protect the environment, clean wastewater, recycle, innovate new processes, develop new products, and basically help in