IMEG creates VR walkthrough of arts center renovation

A virtual reality walkthrough created by IMEG in collaboration with Legat Architects recently allowed the Buffalo Grove (Ill.) Park District to “see” the proposed phase 2 design of the district’s Community Arts Center. IMEG BIM Manager Sarah Garthaus created the walkthrough “to help the owners understand what the space would look like and feel like,”

IMEG Office: The design, budgeting, and value of WELL certification

IMEG is passionate about high-performance design and its ability to improve the natural and work environments while helping organizations succeed. Our WELL Building Standard Gold Certification for the renovation of our Denver office gave us the opportunity to practice what we preach. The WELL Building Standard (WELL) is a building rating-system focused on improving the

Q&A with IMEG GIS Manager Mike Demmon

Q. What is GIS? A. A Geographic Information System (GIS) is designed to support the collection, storage, manipulation, analysis and display of spatial data. GIS manages data in “layers” of similar type (street signs, soil type, socio-economic distributions, etc.) and then uses these layers to analyze spatial relationships. GIS also provides an excellent platform to

When and how to design parallel generators

When designing generator systems, electrical engineers must ensure that generators and the building electrical systems that they support are appropriate for the specific application. IMEG Senior Electrical Engineer Richard Vedvik provides guidance in this article published by C-SE.

Uniquely Hospitable

Going on a vacation this summer? Whether it’s a cross-country road trip, city visit, or international getaway, you might just find yourself staying at one of the many unique hotels engineered by IMEG. The following list provides a sample of hospitality locations for which IMEG provided various combinations of design and services – working with

Kickstarting a firm-wide sustainability policy

On Earth Day 2018, IMEG launched a corporate-wide sustainability policy to implement actions to conserve energy and water and reduce carbon emissions and waste at the firm’s 40+ offices. Taylor Gawthorp, coordinator of the policy’s implementation across these offices, answers the following questions about the process, challenges, successes, and lessons learned during the first year.

Mixed-use project priorities

Mixed-use projects often play a role in creating desirable neighborhoods in up-and-coming areas as well as in locations seeking rebirth. These developments must find a balance between residential and commercial buyers to successfully fill their spaces, which typically include residential housing, hotels, office and retail. The long-term success of this type of project also generally

How to build the best, most effective dynamo library

Michael Kilkelly, founder of the AEC blog ArchSmarter, interviews IMEG BIM Manager Sarah Garthaus and VDC specialist John Cook on the five key steps for implementing a useful Dynamo library on a large scale.

Maximize your project budget with rebates and incentives

Looking to save some money on your next project without sacrificing your sustainability goals? Utility rebates and other energy-based incentives can save thousands of dollars – allowing you to reduce your overall costs or apply the savings toward other parts of the project. It’s not always easy, however, to find these opportunities or to know

5 ways to harness the energy saving power of your employees

Purchasing Energy-Star appliances, reducing the number of coffee makers and printers, and even going completely paperless are all great first steps to becoming more energy-efficient and reducing your energy usage, but until employees understand why these changes were made – and more importantly buy into the mindset of why these changes are even necessary –