Mass Timber 101: A Guide to the Hottest Sustainable Building Material

The built industry is experiencing a growing trend toward more buildings being constructed from mass timber. This executive guide provides a broad overview of the sustainable building material—what it is, its benefits, limitations, and code considerations—to help owners, designers, and contractors decide if it is the right material for their projects.

Enhancing the Quadruple Aim through Data-Driven Decisions in the Built Environment

This executive guide provides a high-level examination of the many ways that data-driven design decisions can assist a healthcare organization by ensuring that their the built environment supports the four guiding principles of the Quadruple Aim. While all healthcare organizations and facilities have unique characteristics and needs, the material provided here can be utilized to

The Evolving Importance of Healthcare Resiliency

Establishing a disaster-resilient healthcare institution is becoming an exceedingly more complex problem. Even hospitals that feel confident in the resiliency of their building and their contingency plans may find gaps and inconsistencies with the reality of today’s changing world.

Acuity Adaptability: Innovative Planning and Design for Responsive Healthcare Delivery

The effects of COVID-19 and other factors have made the acuity adaptable healthcare delivery model a possible necessity for many healthcare facilities whose reactive response to the pandemic has come at a huge cost, financially and operationally. This executive guide provides a high-level exploration of acuity adaptability, including its origins and characteristics, potential benefits and