New Engineering Innovation Building

IMEG provided mechanical engineering design and services for the new LEED Gold certified Engineering Innovation Building (EIB) at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The 57,500-sf facility is the first new building on UIC’s east campus in more than 25 years and serves as a tool to recruit more engineering students to the university, which

LEED Gold Student Innovation Center

IMEG provided engineering design services for the LEED Gold, $60-million Student Innovation Center at Iowa State University. The new building was designed for multidisciplinary use and is a hub for students in the College of Engineering and College of Design, furthering the university’s mission to be a hands-on institution. The 146,323-sf, student-centric building houses no

New College of Engineering Building

This new three-story, 50,000-sf building for the College of Engineering will include wet and dry laboratories, classrooms, auditoriums, faculty offices, and a lobby. The new Academic & Research Building is designed to connect to the existing third floor of the Thomas Beam Engineering Building following a scheduled renovation. Upon completion, this new integrated facility will

New STEM Building

Grand Canyon University is committed to providing an exceptional learning environment for their students. The new STEM building, winner of ASHRAE’s 2016 Best Education/ Institutional HVAC Design Award, is a testament to this commitment. This four-story, 170,000-sf interdisciplinary engineering building meets the highest professional standards which allow for an exceptional STEM and scientific-focused education. Located

LEED Platinum Engineering Building

The University of Illinois’ new College of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) building is the first on the university’s campus and among the first in the state to pursue a “net zero ready” design approach. The facility’s innovative design is modeled to reduce energy consumption by 50%, achieving as close to net zero as was