Parking Garage Vertical Expansion

When the main campus parking lot was replaced with student housing,  the University needed to add more parking spaces at other campus locations. The existing two-level, 270-space SAC parking garage was given a vertical expansion of two additional levels, increasing the campus parking supply by 223 parking spaces and transforming an existing plain parking structure

College Campus Garage

This five-level, 412,796 sf garage for Villanova University is an open, long-span, precast structure consisting of architectural wall panels, columns, double tees, light walls, flat slabs and inverted tee girders. The perimeter wall panels are a colored and sandblasted architectural precast with a field installed stone veneer. The garage foundation system is comprised of 40-foot-deep

351-Space Mixed-use Parking Garage

This project consists of a six-level, 115,890 sf, open, long span, precast parking garage adjacent to a new 266,000 sf residential building with 242 apartments.  The top of the parking garage contains an amenity deck with a swimming pool, pool cabana and outdoor terrace areas for the residents. The functional design of the garage consists

1,900-Space Resort Parking Garage

This six-level precast parking garage provides parking for the adjacent Gaylord National Harbor Resort Hotel and Convention Center. The architectural precast features horizontal rib patterns at the top of the spandrels as well as vertical precast column covers. The north end of the garage roof supports planters with full size trees. The garage is designed

Mixed-use Parking Garage

This mixed-use development located near the George Washington Bridge connecting to New York City consists of eight floors of residential apartments over a three-level parking garage for 858 cars and 175,000 sf of ground-floor retail. Additional retail space and a movie theater are located in adjacent structural steel buildings. The structural system of the garage

Parking Garage with Pedestrian Bridge

This nine-level, open, long span, precast parking garage provides parking for the adjacent Bakery Square mixed-use campus. The garage was added along with a new nine-story, 300,000-sf office building. The functional design of the garage consists of a double threaded helix with one-way drive aisles and angled parking stalls. An elevated pedestrian bridge connects the

Casino Garage

This eight-level precast parking garage provides parking for the patrons of the adjacent 4.1 million sf hotel and casino complex. The majority of each parking level is flat with floors interconnected with Las Vegas-style speed ramps. The large open floor plates and the generous floor to floor heights in the garage provide a high level

Casino Parking Garage

This nine supported level, open, precast parking garage provides parking for the Rivers Casino located below on the ground floor. The functional design of the garage consists of large flat floor plates interconnected with cascading speed ramps. The floors have 90-degree parking stalls and two-way traffic aisles. There is a large, nested valet parking area

12-Level Precast Parking Garage

This twelve-level, open, long span, precast parking garage is part of a mixed use, transit-oriented redevelopment that also includes a new office building and hotel arranged around a new plaza and the existing historic Washington Fire Company building. The project is situated on a steeply sloping site in downtown Conshohocken, just a short distance uphill

Medical Center Parking Structure

Part of the Cooperman Family Pavilion expansion project, this four-level, open, precast parking garage is connected to the west wing expansion via an elevated pedestrian bridge. The functional design of the garage is comprised of a single helix ramp system with two-way drive aisles and 90-degree parking. The glass enclosed stair towers and glass backed