New Education and Research Building

IMEG provided P/FP design and CA with an early under-slab work package. Work included design of advanced grey water and water-reuse systems; a UV filtration system for stormwater re-use; a fire pump, domestic water booster pumps, and wet and dry sprinkler systems; two separate P/FP pressure zones; and all systems for the vivarium, including cage

Laboratory Renovation

IMEG prepared a complete building study and evaluation of existing MEP systems to determine suitability for reuse, and subsequently, completed final design of MEP/FP systems. The scope involved a complete building renovation with new central chilled water service from the campus distribution system and reuse of existing steam service. Project included a new sprinkler system,

Campus Center Cooling Tower Upgrades

IMEG provided MEP/FP study, design and CA services to replace the cooling equipment in the Lincoln Campus Center high rise at UMass Amherst. IMEG investigated the capital needs, and evaluated alternatives and replacement recommendations for the cooling tower and condenser water system, which were original to the building and past their useful life. An open-loop

Corporate Headquarters Relocation

LEED Platinum, WELL Certification IMEG provided engineering and design services for a build-out for corporate headquarters relocation of Hyatt Hotels. The hospitality company’s move into the new 150 N. Riverside Plaza tower brings together 1,000 Hyatt employees that were based at two separate locations. The new headquarters is designed to enhance the workplace environment and

Water Campus Redevelopment

The 36-acre Denver Water Operations Complex Redevelopment – recipient of the 2021 ACEC Excellence in Engineering Grand Conceptor Award – is a true model for sustainable design and one of the most multi-facetted sustainable projects in the nation.