Campus Redevelopment with Intelligent Building Strategies

LEED PLATINUM, WELL BUILDING, NET ZERO ENERGY and “ONE WATER” The 36-acre Denver Water Operations Complex Redevelopment is as true model for intelligent building and one of the most multi-facetted sustainable projects in the nation. Its many challenging goals – including energy and water efficiency, water reuse, and zero on-site carbon emissions – required intricate

Corporate Headquarters Relocation

LEED Platinum, WELL Certification IMEG provided engineering and design services for a build-out for corporate headquarters relocation of Hyatt Hotels. The hospitality company’s move into the new 150 N. Riverside Plaza tower brings together 1,000 Hyatt employees that were based at two separate locations. The new headquarters is designed to enhance the workplace environment and

WELL Gold Certified Office Renovation

The renovation of IMEG’s Denver office achieved LEED Platinum and WELL Gold certification. Engineers used smart design to maintain a lean budget, reduce the office footprint, and provide health benefits to employees while keeping the cost of construction and WELL certification fees to a small premium of less than 2 percent.  With a focus on