Reconstruction 9th – 20th Street

The multi-year, three-phase reconstruction of Harrison Avenue was an integral component of the City of Rockford metropolitan planning organization’s long-term plan to complete an internal beltline around the city to connect local business and residential communities. IMEG was the lead civil consultant for all phases of the project, for reconstructing 0.25 miles of Harrison Avenue

Pedestrian Bridge and Shared-Use Path

This project provided the City of Ottawa with a much-needed alternative route of transportation over Interstate 80 on the west side of the Illinois Route 23 interchange, where pedestrians and cyclists previously used traffic lanes to travel between the residential and commercial areas of the city. The new multi-use pedestrian bridge received funding in November

Bridge Analysis and Feasibility Study

IMEG was under contract with the United States Department of Army, US Army Garrison – Rock Island Arsenal Public Works (RIAPW) on Arsenal Island to redeck the Moline-Arsenal Bridge. The main four spans of the bridge were comprised of a haunched two-girder weathering steel superstructure supporting a composite reinforced concrete deck. The remaining eight spans

Construction Survey and Staking

IMEG is currently providing construction survey and staking services for the City of Fontana’s highway safety improvement project. The project includes a traffic signal installation at the intersection of Foothill Boulevard and Oleander Avenue, raised median, sidewalk, curb and gutter improvements on Foothill Boulevard from Oleander Avenue to 600-ft east of Cypress Avenue. Project location

Historic Bridge Restoration

The historic Como Park Bridge, better known as “the bridge to nowhere”, is more than 110 years old. Before the bridge was restored, it was a crumbling, deserted, and severely distressed bridge. The railings and balusters were deteriorated at their base and the cast-in-place concrete archway was completely delaminated from the underside, exposing the reinforcing

3rd Avenue Bridge

The Third Avenue Bridge over the Moccasin Creek in Aberdeen, SD, was first built in 1975 and was one of the highest-volume bridges in the city. The structural integrity of the bridge had declined over several years, and the city had to restrict loads on the bridge due to concerns about the integrity of the

Watertown Street Project

The City of Watertown turned to IMEG to design, plan, and oversee a 1.4-mile roadway project. The project consisted of milling and resurfacing of the existing asphalt for one mile, as well as a total reconstruction for the final .4 miles. The reconstruction included removing the rural road section, installing a three-lane urban road, and

Highway Improvements

IMEG provided the civil engineering for 4.25 miles of roadway reconstruction in Lincoln County, South Dakota. The construction of the road was important to the 40 landowners and businesses along the corridor, as well to as commuters who travel the main road to Lennox from Interstate 29. Planning involved provisions for multiple detours, as the

City Street Improvements

In 2012, IMEG was selected to design and create streets for long-term sustainability, eliminating expensive repairs. IMEG completed the street design of 36 blocks on the west half of Highway 37. The preliminary design was completed in 2013 and was broken up into phases. In 2014, Phase 1 began with completing street improvements to 15

Street Reconstruction

The City of Aberdeen chose IMEG to design and oversee a one-mile reconstruction of Roosevelt Street. The goal was to cost effectively complete the project with minimal disruptions to local residents and in a timely manner. The road was in dire need of repairs, and the City relied on IMEG to deliver a solution. This