New Amenity Center

IMEG provided civil design and construction administration services for the Miralon Amenity Center in Palm Springs, CA. The 23,000-sf center rests at the heart of the 309-acre Miralon community, which offers residents a sustainable, luxurious, and relaxing desert neighborhood on a former golf course. The Amenity Center serves as a communal activity hub for residents

New County Nature Center

LEED GOLD and ZERO NET ENERGY IMEG provided engineering services to the County of San Diego’s new Santa Ysabel Nature Center located on an environmentally sensitive, undeveloped parcel of land near Highway 79 in Santa Ysabel. The design intent was to have a sustainability-focused experience that connects people to the outdoors while promoting the County’s

New Bed Tower

IMEG provided medical equipment planning and acoustics services for Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center’s new 151,000-sf Ocean View bed tower and a 32,000-sf renovation of related space. The seven-story project includes 106 private patient rooms, including 10 state-of-the-art intensive care suites, and six high-tech operating rooms. Other spaces in the project include the morgue, kitchen,

San Diego County Boardroom Chambers Renovation

IMEG was the prime consultant for the recently completed County of San Diego Council Chambers Renovation project. Located in the historic San Diego County Administration Center building, the council chambers hold strong historic significance for the County of San Diego. As part of the renovation, IMEG provided design for replacement of existing air handling units

Sanitary Sewer Improvement

IMEG provided campus-wide facility infrastructure master planning, design implementation, and construction administration services for the modernization of the College of the Desert’s main campus facilities. IMEG prepared the plans, specifications, and construction oversight for the abandonment of the existing infrastructure and construction of new infrastructure improvements.    The project called for the abandonment and redesign of

Skilled Nursing Facility Renovations

IMEG provided mechanical and electrical engineering services for renovations at the Edgemoor Skilled Nursing Facility in San Diego, CA. Engineers were tasked with replacing over 500 indoor and outdoor light fixtures with energy conservative LED light fixtures and adding power to the changes to the HVAC equipment. IMEG also added demand control ventilation for the

Multiple Design Services for Airport

IMEG provided engineering design and services for a variety of projects  at the San Diego International Airport. IMEG provided design services for the Terminal 2 East improvements, which included additional power for the entire corridor, updated plumbing design for all restrooms, and lighting for the terminal. IMEG also provided electrical design services on the later

New Bayside Fire Station

IMEG provided commissioning services throughout the design and construction of the new, LEED Gold certified Bayside Fire Station No. 2 in downtown San Diego. The three-story, 24,000-sf station includes underground parking, living quarters, commercial-grade kitchen, gym, room for two fire vehicles, and solar panels. IMEG provided full commissioning of mechanical and electrical systems and subsystems,

Psychiatric Hospital Renovations

IMEG is providing structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, technology, and acoustic engineering and design services for San Diego County’s Psychiatric Hospital renovation, and is serving as the prime consultant to the County of San Diego. Since this building was designed in 1986, IMEG first created an updated 3-D model of the facility for renovation design purposes.