Video analytics takes security to a powerful level

By David Waldron 

Advancements in software development and processing power continue to make video surveillance an increasingly more powerful tool for organizations’ security efforts.  

For example, until recently it was practically impossible for security staff to effectively monitor the huge amount of video data captured by the large number of cameras deployed in the quest for greater visibility at typical commercial or government facilitiesThis limitation spurred the development of “video analytics” – software applications that can process and analyze large amounts of video data and extract valuable information 

While early iterations simply used event triggers like motion detection and virtual tripwire sensing, recent advancements in video analytics – made possible by artificial intelligence (AI) and deep machine learning – provide more complex and powerful video processing tools to analyze video files and identify security incidents, ultimately resulting in more accurate and reliable information. As a result, video analytics systems are now capable of identifying security risks based on such things as physical attributes (e.g., gender, clothing color), behavioral characteristics (e.g., loitering, weapon in hand), and vehicle description (e.g., vehicle color, license plate recognition).  In addition, advances in IP (Internet protocol) camera processing power have created new opportunities to deploy analytic applications at individual cameras in the field. By allowing security events to be identified and flagged at the edge, more information related to the video image can be captured and analyzed quickly. 

It’s exciting to watch the continued maturity of security video analytics – and to incorporate this ever-more-powerful tool in our security designs to enhance our clients’ security systems.  

For more information, read my article, “Introduction to Security Video Analytics and Advancements, published on Enterprise Technology Review. 

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