New County Courthouse

Government George Deukmejian Courthouse

IMEG team provided full-service independent building expert (IBE) services for a new 31-courtroom courthouse. IBE Services included: civil engineering services for third-party plan review in coordination with, and addition to, plan reviews by the authorities having jurisdiction over the project; structural peer review; construction inspector of record; materials testing and special testing and inspections; design and construction phase mediation; determination as to occupancy readiness of the renovated parking structure and of the new court building; commissioning plan and testing review; as well as ancillary tasks related to these principal services. The project includes construction of a new 545,000-sf, five-story-plus basement trial court building, and renovation of an adjacent 399,000-sf parking structure. The project will use fast-track, design-build methods for delivery of the building and parking structure.


The project is also the first courthouse in the U.S. to be delivered through Performance-Based Infrastructure, an innovative arrangement in which the state has engaged a private company to finance, design, build, operate, and maintain the building.


Long Beach, CA



L230,000 SF


Services Provided