New Inpatient Bed Pavilion Addition

OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center

IMEG is providing MEP, fire protection, technology, medical equipment planning and construction administration services for the new bed pavilion addition.


The $52.5M, 135,600-square-foot, five-story pavilion will be attached to the existing hospital and house 78 private rooms, a Women’s Services center, ambulatory services, and retail pharmacy. The fifth floor of the addition will be the mechanical penthouse.


This project contracting method is a competitive GMP based on 100% design development drawings. This method requires close cooperation between the design professionals, the construction managers, and their subcontractors to finalize a design on time and within budget.


The project involves comprehensive site utilities being vacated from the project site while keeping existing critical utility services connected at all times.


IMEG designed decentralized boilers and chillers to maximize the energy savings based on our in-house energy modeling capabilities.


Engineers also designed the exterior lighting as LED with motion sensors for maximum energy efficiency and all interior lighting is LED type. Non-clinical rooms are fitted with occupancy sensors to switch 50% of the room wiring devices for energy code compliance.


IMEG designed the low voltage systems for voice/data, CATV, nurse call, supervised paging systems, CCTV, access control, and master clock systems. Engineers also carefully coordinated sizing all communication closets with the corporate IT staff to maintain systems standards for room sizes, layouts and cabling standards. IMEG also worked closely with the owner’s vendors for wireless access points, telemetry and distributed antenna system to assure coordination and proper rough-ins and pathways are provided.



Rockford, IL



130,600-sf New

5,000-sf Renovation





Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Technology, Medical Equipment Planning, Construction Administration