Q&A with Eddy Santosa, new Senior Building Performance Consultant

IMEG Senior Building Performance Consultant Eddy Santosa, AIA, CBCP, BEMP, LEED AP BD+C, recently joined the firm’s Pasadena office to focus on sustainability efforts. He talks about his new position, motivation, and future technology in the following Q&A.

Q: What do you do in your position as Senior Building Performance Consultant for IMEG?

A: I work in many aspects of building performance that can range from assisting proposal submissions, to conducting building performance assessments for buildings or master plans, to working with my team to develop data visualization and building apps to improve our process.

Q: What drew you toward a career in the building sustainability field?

A: I studied architecture, and I used to see architects assessing buildings from an artistic point of view, but when I learned about building science and the building sustainability field, I found a way to see buildings from a scientific viewpoint. And I believe good buildings must be a combination of both factors.

Q: Do you have an Earth Day message for those in the built environment?

A: In my opinion, doing a small thing in consistent ways has higher impact than doing it on one day, but we can use Earth Day to commit to or renew our commitment to doing something that can have less impact or even have positive impact on the environment or the earth.

Q: Are there any exciting developments in sustainability our clients should be aware of?

A: I think decarbonization and regenerative design will be the center of developments in the next few years, and many sustainability-related technologies will start maturing and become affordable in the future. These technologies will make buildings more sustainable, which is not only good for the environment, but also lower initial investment and provide a shorter payback. Plus, we’ll have healthier and more comfortable buildings.