Webinar examines lab HVAC energy use from concept to consumption

Energy performance of six different mechanical system designs for science and technology facilities will be compared in “Lab HVAC Energy Use – From Concept to Consumption,” a free IMEG webinar at noon Central time Wednesday, Sept. 23.   

 “This presentation will explain how different HVAC systems and energy recovery strategies impact laboratory building energy use,” said IMEG Science and Technology Market Leader Brandon Fortier, co-presenter of the webinar along with IMEG Client Executive Mike Lawless. “To illustrate, we will evaluate and compare actual energy use for six projects – each using different energy efficiency bundles.”  

The 30-minute webinar also will discuss how a lab building’s energy goal can be set early in design and then used to safeguard performance through construction and occupancy by utilizing “concept to consumption” project oversight and system monitoring. 

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Lab HVAC Energy Use – From Concept to Consumption