City of Clark Wastewater

The City of Clark discharged its treated wastewater to an unnamed stream about three-fourths of a mile south of its treatment plant. The stream is approximately two miles, flowing through two sloughs, before it reaches Antelope Lake, which had been designated as a warm water semi-permanent fishery. Because of this designation, the city was advised by the South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) that their current method of wastewater disposal would no longer be acceptable.

Clark Engineering now IMEG provided an investigation of the existing wastewater treatment system and evaluated alternatives. A total retention facility was determined to be the viable option for the city. Clark Engineering now IMEG assisted the city with evaluating select sites and the procurement of the selected site.

Clark Engineering now IMEG provided all survey, design, construction administration, and construction engineering for a new 190 Ac total retention wastewater treatment facility located approximately two and a half miles southeast of the city. Clark Engineering now IMEG also provided engineering services for the lift station upgrades, the 9,000 feet of sewer force main that travels to the new treatment facility, 56 Ac of 2 treatment cells, and 115 Ac of artificial wetlands.

Engineers also provided in-house wetland services for this project by identifying, delineating, and mitigating existing wetlands. The project design also incorporated processes for completing the mitigation of designed wetlands.

City of Clark
Clark, SD
Services Provided

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