Construction Survey and Staking

IMEG is currently providing construction survey and staking services for the City of Fontana’s highway safety improvement project. The project includes a traffic signal installation at the intersection of Foothill Boulevard and Oleander Avenue, raised median, sidewalk, curb and gutter improvements on Foothill Boulevard from Oleander Avenue to 600-ft east of Cypress Avenue.
Project location improvements consist of traffic signals, raised median including landscaping and lighting, sidewalk, curb, gutter, handicapped access ramps, commercial/residential driveways, asphalt concrete pavement for minor street widening, and street light relocation/replacement. Additional services being provided to the City include:

  • Site control
  • Asphalt concrete and concrete demo limits
  • Monument preservation
  • Miscellaneous surveying (2-man crew)
  • Rough grade stakes for rough grading/clearing & grubbing
  • Grade stakes for:
    • Curb and gutter
    • Raised median curb
    • Storm drain
    • Driveway replacement/reconstruction
    • Existing utility finish grade adjustment
    • Street light electrical conduit
    • Street light replacement/relocation
    • Electrical and water PVC pipe sleeves
City of Fontana
Fontana, CA
Services Provided

Surveying , Staking, Electrical