Custom Border Control Facility

IMEG provided engineering design and services for a new U.S. Customs facility in a renovated airline terminal at the Springfield-Branson National Airport. The new $1.2 million facility meets federal security standards that the former location failed to reach.

Engineers provided mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and technology design, as well as construction administration services for the project. The new facility houses an agricultural lab for testing samples of organics brought from other countries, a lobby and waiting area, interview and search rooms, and a holding cell. IMEG worked with the owner, Custom Border Patrol staff, and the architect to successfully use existing mechanical, electrical, plumbing services as much as possible while maintaining the standards of Custom Border Patrol.

Because the facility would not be operated 24/7, the access control and intrusion detection systems were integrated with the airport’s security systems, alerting airport security when alarms are triggered. The design’s security features include 35 cameras (that can film 360 degrees) and microphones and 15 card readers with integrated intrusion detection.

The facility is designed to Customs Border Protection Security Requirements and Design Standards, and was reviewed and inspected by the Department of Homeland Security. The renovated terminal also houses the travel company Expedia and a flight training school.

Springfield-Branson National Airport
Springfield, MO
3,500-sf Renovation
Services Provided

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Telecom, Security, Construction Support