Energy Modeling for the Company Headquarters

IMEG provided energy modeling services for the new Raining Rose headquarters and manufacturing facility, which achieved LEED certification under New Construction, v2009. Raining Rose produces lip balm under its own name and for several nationally recognized brands. The company also produces lotions, soap, sunscreens and hand sanitizers from natural ingredients.  

The new energy-efficient building allowed the company to combine several smaller existing operations onto an eight-acre brownfield site within the city limits. The facility includes 23,000-sf of office space and 89,000-sf of production, warehouse, and distribution space.  

The building was modeled to have an energy use intensity of 60.26 kBTU per square foot/year, resulting in 20 percent less energy consumption compared to the code baseline. 

In addition to energy modeling services, IMEG was responsible for fundamental commissioning as required under EAp1 and optimizing energy efficiency as required under EAc1. 

Raining Rose Headquarters and Manufacturing
Cedar Rapids, IA
Services Provided

Commissioning, Building Performance Analysis