Greensand Effluent Pipe Repair

IMEG is currently providing engineering and construction services for the Greensand Effluent Pipe Repairs with the City of Brighton. This project involves reviewing the Greensand Plant, specifically the effluent pipe penetrations to determine reparations required to prevent leaks. While the project is currently on-going, the team has provided a preliminary evaluation of the wall and the penetrations and determined that some Victaulic couplings and potentially some link-seals require replacement.

The team has also evaluated the air gap in the pipe gallery. Historically, this air gap has flooded the pipe gallery during a moment when the plant lost power, but the raw water supply kept pumping. This incident caused nearly nine feet of water filling the basement. The IMEG team performed an evaluation of the plant, looking into various different possible solutions, including (but not limited to) improvements to the treatment process using enhanced coagulation prior to greensand filtration, overflow of water from the backwash tank to the City’s sewer collection system, overflow of water from the backwash tank to another sewer system, and modifications to the raw water supply system to prevent similar future incidents. The proposed solution is a combination of two of the above solutions, using overflow to the City’s sewer collection system and modifications to the raw water supply system.

Estimated completion of the project is May 2020.

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Brighton, CO
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