Headquarters Office Building

IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union’s new 92,000-sf headquarters sits on an eight-acre site that was previously part of the City of Moline’s industrial riverfront along the Mississippi.

The new headquarters is “a community investment” built using local talent and local union labor, according to IHMVCU President and CEO Brian Laufenberg.

As part of its services for the project, IMEG provided a topographic survey and prepared a site plan per City of Moline requirements along with a Preliminary Flood Elevation Certificate and an
As-Built Flood Elevation Certificate. IMEG’s design services included utilities, paving, storm water detention, grading and drainage permits, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), calculations, and NPDES Storm Water Permit No. ILR10 application.

IMEG also provided construction documents, which included paving with joint patterns and details; storm and utilities; detailed grading with spot elevations and 3D model that uses GPS technology to assist with contractor construction utilization; final city review comments and revisions; and SWPPP/erosion control.

The construction documents also were subject to IMEG’s internal QC/QA process – an independent internal review in which engineers not on the project team assess the documents and provide feedback.

With a sweeping view of the Mississippi River, the four-story building features offices, workspaces with stand-or-sit desks, a cafe, three fireplaces, a covered outdoor meeting area, a gym, community room, walking paths, and green space.

IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union
Moline, IL
92,000-sf New
Services Provided

Civil, Survey, Site Design, Storm, Sewer