Lobby Renovation

The concept of this 2,100-sf renovation was to transform an outdated and dim lobby with no street presence into a powerful and larger-than-life composition utilizing a fluid blend of form, function and architectural integration.

The design team created custom large-scale LED color-changing luminaires and illuminated architectural elements; determining shape, finish, and interoperability with the controls. These pendants create a breathtaking view from outside and in. The illuminated architectural elements form a focal point at the reception desk, providing wayfinding for visitors. A pair of curvilinear illuminated elements punctuates the reception desk; well downlights hidden in the clouds provide task lighting.

The color temperature of the pendants, when white, tunes between a cooler 4,000K during the day to a warmer 2,700K in the evening, leaving the space feeling contemporary by day and comfortable by night. The intensity tunes between hours and with daylight to create an aesthetic impact yet reduce energy. The control system marries DMX and 0-10v dimming into one simple touchscreen allowing the end user to select or modify customized scenes.

Through diligence of design and luminaire selection, the lighting was brought into budget and maintenance was enhanced. Energy goals were exceed by utilizing a nearly all-LED solution to reduce energy by more than 75% over existing.

400 E. Randolph Condominium
Chicago, IL
2,100 SF
Services Provided

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Technology,  Architectural Lighting