Master Plan Update

Pico Rivera is in the process of updating the master plans, including the Water Master Plan, Wastewater Collection Master Plan and the Storm Drain Master Plan. The City entered into a contract to develop these updates.

In addition to the full system evaluation and project recommendation, IMEG performed a full evaluation of the PFAS within the water. IMEG worked with the City and the State of California’s Division of Drinking Water (DDW) to evaluate the water supply of the City to make recommendations to the treatment. IMEG’s recommendation is to provide granular activated carbon as the primary treatment, which will remove the long strains of PFAS. As the short strains start to develop within the water system, IMEG recommends the City install ion exchange units.

The City currently operates 8 wells and three water treatment plants, all of which show PFAS constituents within the water.  The City requested a new treatment plant for each of the wells. IMEG is currently working with some manufacturers to develop a State approved pilot testing program that will provide additional information to the processes required.

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