New 5-story Hotel

IMEG provided mechanical and electrical engineering design services for the new Ironworks Hotel. The hotel will be a five-story facility of approximately 100,000-sf with 125 keys and will include a second level lobby, restaurant, full-service kitchen, bar, and conference spaces. Shell retail space will be the majority of the first floor. The upscale boutique hotel is designed to have the latest technology yet project a retro-style. 

Due to limited ceiling plenum and utility shaft spaces, a VRF system that included a dedicated outside air system was designed to help minimize space needed for mechanical systems. Energy-efficient mechanical systems with minimal required maintenance were specified, and utilities were roughed-in to the tenant spaces to prevent invasive future build-outs. 

Technology design services included a system that has the flexibility to interface with the latest wireless technologies. IMEG’s acoustical engineers advised the architectural team on construction materials and techniques. Additionally, sound masking systems were specified and architectural lighting services were also provided. 

Ironworks Hotel
Indianapolis, IN
100,000-sf New
Services Provided

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Architectural Lighting, Acoustics