New Headquarters LEED Gold

This office headquarters building has two floors plus a basement. There are open offices, enclosed offices, a kitchen, small dining area, fitness center, data center and daycare center. 

IMEG’s scope of work included architectural acoustics consultant services to review the room finishes, wall, ceiling and floor types, door and window schedules in the architectural design for compliance with the acoustics and noise isolation requirements, and gave recommendations for cost-effective improvements to meet LEED noise isolation and speech privacy goals. 

The budget and schedule were tight and contractors were brought in early to assist with planning and design. The building is on a steep hillside making the structural design challenging. The building also utilizes geothermal heat and cooling. 

Sustainable designs for this project include: 

  • The majority of the building is heated and cooled by means of horizontal geothermal heat pumps. A horizontal geothermal field is the heat exchanger 
  • The garage and perimeter of first and second floor utilize radiant floor heating. The radiant system utilizes two water-to-water heat pumps which are connected to the geothermal loop 
  • Ventilation air for the building utilizes a dedicated outdoor air unit which includes a total energy recovery heat wheel. In addition to the heat wheel, a water-to-water heat pump and coil is also included in the outdoor air unit for tempering the air 
Peregrine Financial
Cedar Falls, IA
Services Provided

Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Technology, Acoustics, Architectural Lighting, Building Certification