New High School

IMEG provided mechanical, electrical and technology engineering for a new 452,000 SF high school and site buildings. The new high school includes a complete applied tech area with an auto shop, wood shop, power lab and welding lab; TV studio; natatorium; greenhouse; football stadium with press box, concession area and restrooms; baseball stadium; and maintenance building. In addition, we provided design for site lighting for football stadium and parking lots. The building included a full service cooking kitchen that served the 3,000 student population as well as served as a prep kitchen for other schools within the district. The kitchen has full capabilities for baking, grilling, frying, serving, and dishwashing.

Site building lighting included the following: dugouts; press boxes; concessions building; and site storage/maintenance building.

Lighting systems incorporated high performance low ballast factor ballast systems to reduce energy consumption by 25% while maintaining the same light levels as a traditional T8 system. Daylighting controls are utilized in transitional and public spaces such as corridors, cafeteria and the library. Indirect lighting reduces glare in the natatorium while providing light levels appropriate for locally televised competitions.

The project included a 1000-ton water-cooled chiller plant acccompanied by a 200-ton air-cooled chiller for summer month cooling and 1100 BHP hybrid boiler plant with flexible water tube and condensing style boilers.

IMEG also engineered a pre-designed photovoltaic roof system and provided theater consulting for a new 900-seat theater which included systems for the auditorium and theatre spaces as well as lighting design for the television production studio.

Indian Prairie CUSD 204
Naperville, IL
Services Provided

Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Telecommunications, Audio/Visual