New Poultry Teaching and Research Facility

IMEG provided structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and technology engineering design services for the new Robert T. Hamilton Poultry Teaching and Research Facility at Iowa State University (ISU). The complex is a modern, state-of-the-art facility hosting educational and research spaces for poultry breeding and genetics, housing systems, flock management, nutrition, food safety and microbiology, behavior and welfare, flock health, animal health and well being, environmental impact, and economic efficiency.

The entire facility has the capacity to host over 10,000 hens with a combination of cage-free spaces, conventional cages, hatcheries, and enriched colony spaces. It also houses dedicated areas for poultry housing and egg processing with the latest equipment for students to study and practice contemporary egg production methods. The research facilities provide flexible space, equipment to accommodate multiple projects, and enhanced levels of biosecurity and sanitation. Additionally, zoned air-handling systems independently control administrative, education, and research wings within the facility.

The farm is shared between students and scientists from various colleges and departments at ISU, and scientists with the USDA’s Agricultural Research Service. It it also used by the Egg Industry Center for egg dissemination and collaborative research.

Design highlights included:

  • Concrete foundation to support a wood framed structure, as well as pits and trenches
  • Coordination of poultry room ventilation systems and equipment
  • HVAC systems designed to facilitate bio-security requirements
  • Plumbing design for domestic and process water, separate septic and process wastewater systems, natural gas, and compressed air systems
  • Electrical design coordination of power requirements for poultry room ventilation, lighting, cage, egg and manure handling systems and related control system, emergency power, fire alarm systems, and general lighting design
  • Technology design for camera monitoring system, wireless data, door access, and audio visual systems
Iowa State University Robert T. Hamilton Facility
Ames, IA
28,000-sf New
Services Provided

Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Technology