New Roaring Fork School

Riverview PK-8 is located on the east bank of the Roaring Fork River located along Highway 82, south of Glenwood Springs, CO. Riverview is a brand new school for the Roaring Fork School District that is being funded from the bond passed in November 2015 to meet the needs of the expanding community. Riverview PK8 was designed to meet the school districts goals of providing space for flexibility, modern technology, outdoor learning spaces, communityfriendly, and energy efficiency. Riverview followed the new energy guidelines established in the Facility Master Plan requiring that buildings meet CO-CHPS or 2014 LEED v4 with a minimum equivalent of silver certification. The building will not be certified to one of these but is designed in compliance with both CO-CHPS and LEED. 

The mechanical system for Riverview is a variable volume air handling direct/indirect evaporative cooled system with hydronic heating. Air handlers with energy recovery, evaporative cooling, and hydronic heating are located on the roof with terminal variable air volume (VAV) boxes located in the ceiling spaces throughout the building. The air handling units with evaporative cooling will achieve a 35-40% reduction in cooling energy cost when compared to traditional direct expansion (DX) cooling. High-efficiency condensing boilers are located in a central mechanical room. Some mechanical design features include variable speed pumping with optimized flow and temperature reset sequences, load based heating reset, fan speed controls, and carbon dioxide outside air control. 

The building’s general interior and exterior lighting is controlled by occupancy based digital addressable system, with areas of daylight harvesting photosensor control, and local override controls for cleaning and maintenance times. General purpose receptacles and special outlets along with data outlets are installed throughout for AV, computers, and equipment. Electrical vehicle charging stations have been provided in the parking lot for staff and visitor use. The occupants are protected by a fully addressable fire alarm system that includes voice evacuation. Egress controls are installed at the doors with card access and cameras are strategically located throughout the facility. 

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