New Science Laboratory

Wheaton College wanted to provide their students and faculty with a state-of-the-art science facility for academic instruction and faculty research. A new 128,000-sf facility includes all disciplines of the science curriculum at Wheaton College.

The building houses chemistry, environmental science, physics, biology, geology, math and computer science departments with specific labs for anatomy, physics/chemistry NMR, Plasma Lab, Aquatics Lab, Vivarium, Observatory, museum and a 144-seat auditorium. The Vivarium is utilized for live animal research and includes three animal holding rooms with sophisticated lighting controls to mimick the day/night cycles, a procedure room, soiled room and clean room.

The mechanical system utilized two types of energy recovery for lab exhaust and general exhaust. General exhaust energy was recovered using energy recovery wheels and fume exhaust energy was recovered using pumped coils. The designs incorporated variable air volume (VAV) air handling units along with a VAV fume exhaust air system. To further reduce annual energy consumption, occupancy overrides are used to reduce ventilation rates to individual spaces during unoccupied times. To maintain high indoor air quality, high efficiency filtration was used in the central station air handling units and space was reserved for the future installation of carbon filters. The design also features a centrally piped pure water system, a process cooling loop for water cooled lab equipment, and a computer room cooling system for server spaces supporting the research performed.

High energy efficiency lighting sources, such as high-performance fluorescent lamps and LED, were used to light the building. The design also features an automatic lighting control, combination of occupancy sensors and a timeclock throughout the building.

Wheaton College
Wheaton, IL
128,000-sf New
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