New South Texas Research Facility

The 200,000-sf South Texas Research Facility on the University of Texas Health Science Center campus provides collaborative and inter-disciplinary research space for the center’s growing research mission. It combines under one roof research areas strategic to South Texas including aging, regenerative medicine, neuroscience, cancer, biomedicine, and counter-bioterrorism. 

The facility primarily contains wet lab space, with roughly 20 percent of the area dedicated to dry labs. The Institute for Integration of Medicine and Science (IIMS) is housed in the building to meet the university’s goal of establishing a clinical and translational research institute. A National Center for Integrative Sciences (NCIS) is part of the facility as well, fostering basic and translational research in metabolic biology, molecular therapeutics, and age-related neurodegenerative diseases. 50,000 sf is dedicated to individualized molecular and immune therapies to treat children and young adults with cancer.  

The facility also includes a new program in regenerative medicine that will take advantage of partnerships with the military and The University of Texas at San Antonio. Bioinformatics is also housed here, providing key computing support for developing medical informatics resources. The facility also includes a business accelerator to enhance economic development through commercialization and partnerships in the biotech industry. 

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