Non-Potable Pump Station

IMEG provided design and construction engineering services for a non-potable pump station for the parks and open green spaces (such as the golf course and cemetery) within the City of Golden. The services also included design and construction for 5,000 lineal feet of 12” C900 PVC raw water line and 650 lineal feet of 6” C900 PVC raw water line. 

The 12” C900 PVC removes the Welch Ditch that runs through the Colorado School of Mines Campus from service. This existing ditch was inconsistent with water supply to the Fossil Trace Golf Course and was a problem to the residents living near the ditch. The pipeline extends across Clear Creek and through the Colorado School of Mines campus with enough capacity to supply a constant supply to the golf course, Ulysses Park, and the Golden Cemetery. 

The 6” C900 PVC pipeline runs to the Lion’s Park with a capacity of 350 gpm. The City of Golden replaced the sprinkler system in the park to use raw water instead of potable water. 

The raw water pump station includes two irrigation pumps for Lion’s Park and two Welch Ditch pumps, which are each capable of delivering 3 cfs of flow. 

The irrigation pumps for Lion’s Park are each capable of delivering the demand of 350 gpm. The two pumps are operated on variable frequency drives. 

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