On-Call Engineering & Surveying Services

For the past 17 years, IMEG has been selected as one of the primary contract engineers for the City of Missoula water distribution projects. Under this contract, the firm has provided the full spectrum of civil engineering services including surveying, engineering design, permitting, construction, and project certification for multiple water main extension and replacement projects.

The civil team has coordinated with city personnel, property owners, and the contractor before construction (via project-specific public meetings) and has been readily available and on site during construction to ensure minimal disruption to water supply and access to businesses and residences.

IMEG’s detailed documentation of all water mains and services is vital for future reference (including as-builts, ditch cards, and inspection reports). The firm has demonstrated responsiveness to the city’s and contractor’s questions and needs and has facilitated decision-making in the field. Recent example projects include:

Water Main Replacement

  • Railroad Street
  • Spruce Street
  • South Avenue East
  • Broadway & Orange Street
  • 4th Street
  • Howell Street
  • 3rd Street
  • Worden Avenue
  • East Pine Street

Water System Improvements

  • Farviews PRV

Water Main Extension

  • Scott Street

Water Service Swap

  • Alder & Cooper
City Water Distribution Projects
Missoula, MT
Services Provided

Civil, Surveying, Construction Administration