Pumping and Piping Improvements

IMEG designed pumping and piping improvements to
connect the Red Rocks Amphitheater potable water system
to the Town of Morrison. The project included pump station improvements constructed through a Construction Manager
At-Risk (CMAR) contract with Canterbury Construction Management Services, and transmission main improvements. Yancy Schneider was also involved in the project as the electrical designer/manager. This project was completed through a cooperative agreement and effort between the Town of Morrison, and the City and County of Denver Arts & Venues.

While this was a largely invisible project from a public perspective with a relatively small budget, it was very complex. The unique challenges of this project required innovation in the approach, and quality leadership and distinctive collaboration in the execution. Scheduling is a unique
challenge for any project within the Park, disruptions or outages are not an option for a world class venue that now hosts around 200 events from April to October. This limited construction of infrastructure within the park to be completed after the season. The schedule for the post-concert season work was even more critical, as the Park needed connection to the Town’s potable system within a thirty-day period, as the raw water storage for the park was being demolished under a separate project. The project schedule was further complicated due to the associated pump station and a portion of the force main being located on the adjacent Red
Rocks Elementary School property due to the proximity of existing Town water infrastructure. Construction of these improvements had to be completed while school was out (June 15- July 31 of 2016).

This school site construction window resulted in a three-month period between the project approval (Town & City) and the start of construction. It was determined that a traditional design-bid-build approach would not be feasible. Any delay would result in the entire project being pushed back a full year. It was determined that the best approach would be to solicit for a CMAR through a proposal process. This would bring the CMAR on board early to be a key member in finalizing the design,  stablishing options, and providing the opportunity to initiate the early procurement of long lead items, such as the package pumping station.

Town of Morrison Red Rocks Amphitheater
Morrison, CO
75,000 gpd
Services Provided