Renovation and Restoration

IMEG’s civil team provided several important services for the 2019 renovation of the Gardiner W. Spring Auditorium, a project that addressed the modernization of the historic building once known for being state of the art.

Primary challenges of the project included upgrading the existing utilities and bringing the building up to code with ADA Accessibility. IMEG’s scope of work included:

  • Site improvements for accessible access ramps to the building. With the exception of one publicly accessible entrance at the northeast front corner of the facility and another at the rear near the backstage area, entrances to the building were accessible only by stairs. The project added ramp access ways at all stairway entries and added two elevators to the building.
  • Fire water investigation and plotting the location of the existing water service to the auditorium. IMEG coordinated with the project’s plumbing and fire prevention engineer for the location of a new fire sprinkler service from the city water main that included a new fire detector check assembly and a fire department connection.
  • Creation of site improvement plans for submission to Department of the State Architect (DSA). The plans showed the proposed construction of the new access ramps to the auditorium and the demolition and reconstruction of existing sidewalks and hardscape areas affected by the construction. The plans also identified elevations, grades, and locations of new retaining walls needed for the ramps and walkways.
  • Creation of plans indicating the locations of new area drains needed to convey storm water from low points or to convey storm water trapped by the new construction
  • Creation of water plans that were submitted to and approved by the City of Ontario. The plans showed the new fire prevention service for the auditorium and the point of connection for the fire prevention engineer to extend the fire service into the building.
  •  Creation of sanitary sewer plans that were submitted to and approved by the City of Ontario for the extension of a new sewer pipeline

The successful project restored the 1939 theater to its former grandeur and reestablished the iconic structure as an asset to the community.

Chaffey High School
Ontario, CA
Services Provided

Civil, Sanitary Sewer, Domestic Water, Fire Water, Storm Drainage Services