Replacement Manufacturing Facility

IMEG provided structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, and technology engineering and design services for the new Affiliated Construction Services (ACS) headquarters and manufacturing facility that replaced the original flood-damaged ACS facility. The new structure, located on higher grounds in the Liberty Business Park, houses 13,000-sf of office space and 37,000-sf of fabrication, machining, and electrical shop space.
The 30-ft tall shop space structure houses large manufacturing components such as CNC machines, lathes, a paint booth, a plasma cutter, and rack storage, as well as four separate overhead bridge cranes for moving parts.

The open-floor office space includes numerous small conference rooms, huddle rooms, and a fitness room with treadmills and workout equipment. The break room and exterior patio spaces have a bar-like feel with booth and island seating, a range, a gas grille, and an overhead door separating the interior from exterior.

The HVAC system consists of four high-efficiency rooftop units for each of the four primary space functions, totaling 112 tons. Ductwork was extended to the perimeter of the building, down columns, and discharged within 15 feet of the floor, to reduce stratification of warm air in the winter in the high bay areas, The system was also arranged to prevent air from migrating from the manufacturing and machining spaces to the cleaner electrical shop space.

To address the fume generation from the various welding operations within the facility, a system of pivoting exhaust snorkels tied to a central blower was implemented. This system was also paired with a separate makeup air unit and exhaust fan to purge the general welding space in the event of excess fume concentrations.

Zone control for the office space was accomplished with a hydronic VAV system coupled with fin-tube radiation along the perimeter. The boiler and water heater are both highly-efficient condensing style units.

Sustainable design features include a condensing boiler with a high turn-down, condensing water heater, variable speed rooftop unit fans, rooftop unit compressors, hydronic pump, exhaust fans, and LED lighting.. An air curtain was also provided at the break room overhead door to reduce infiltration when the door was opened.

The design team worked with an accelerated schedule so the building could be constructed as quickly as possible.

Affiliated Construction Services New Headquarters
Verona, WI
50,000-sf New
Services Provided

Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Technology