Two-Span Cast-in-Place Replacement Bridge

Ontario Ranch Bridge, originally constructed in 1972, is a 160-ft long and 35-ft wide precast I-girder bridge. The existing bridge is considered functionally obsolete for future traffic growth and planned developments in the surrounding area. IMEG was hired to develop final Plans, Specifications and Estimates (PS&E) for replacement of the bridge with a wider structure. The replacement structure consisted of 2-span cast-in-place pre-stressed (CIP/PS) concrete box girder superstructure supported on a pier wall and seat type abutments. The bridge is 175 feet long and consists of two separate structures, each of which is 66 feet wide. Each structure carries four traffic lanes, shoulders, and a pedestrian walkaway. The new bridge was built in two phases. 

Ontario Ranch Bridge Over Cucamonga Creek
Ontario, CA
175 ft long, 66 ft wide
Services Provided

Civil, Bridge Building