Student Mixed-Use Residential Renovation

Catholic Diocese of Peoria - Newman Center

IMEG provided engineering services for a two-phase renovation and expansion of the historic Newman Center located on the campus of the University of Illinois. Constructed in 1929, the Newman Center houses Newman Hall, which provides living residences to students, and St. John’s Chapel, together serving more than 12,000 Catholic Students.


Phase I expanded the Newman Center providing 312 new dorm rooms, a new kitchen and dining facility, and a new fitness center. Phase II involved a renovation of the existing 162 dorm rooms and common spaces.


A structural analysis helped determine how best to tie the existing building to the new structure, as well as connect to utilities. The plumbing system was updated in the existing building and a sprinkler system was added. The sprinkler system was extended from the new addition, which included a fire pump to serve the entire facility. The lower level included remodeling the old kitchen and dining room into offices and conference rooms. The HVAC was extended from the air handling unit for the addition via a utility tunnel that was part of the new addition. The utility tunnel allowed for the extension of electrical and emergency electrical services and chilled water services.


IMEG performed site utility planning, showing a cost comparison for connecting to the University system vs. a combination of local and owner owned utilities. A future renovation project includes plans to put Newman on the University utilities and off the public utilities.


Designs included security systems for surveillance and access control to provide exterior and interior monitoring of the new residence hall addition and renovation of the existing residence hall. Approximately thirty cameras and sixty card readers were programmed and designed to meet the needs of the staff.


Urbana, IL



350,000 SF


Services Provided

Mechanical, Structural