County Highway Maintenance Facility

The Lincoln County Highway Department needed a larger space for storage of highway maintenance vehicles and materials such as sand and salt. The department purchased a 20-acre rural site and develop it into a storage and maintenance site that includes an office, truck storage, truck washing station, and a maintenance garage, along with features on the site such as a fueling station, materials storage areas, salt shed, and salt brine tank. Clark Engineering now IMEG completed the boundary and topographic survey, platted the property, and provided civil site design, construction engineering, and construction staking.  

Civil site design consisted of setting the finished floor elevation of the 72,000sf building as well as designing, grading, and drainage of the parking lot and storage areas, utility services, stormwater detention ponding, and an on-site, two-cell wastewater treatment facility for treating the truck wash wastewater. Clark Engineering now IMEG provided design and calculations to the South Dakota Department of the Environment and Natural Resources (SDDENR) for approval of the wastewater system. Normally, runoff from a vehicle wash would be drained to a municipal wastewater system for treatment, but since this option was not available due to the site’s rural location, engineers devised a solution involving an on-site wastewater treatment that required the same design as municipal wastewater treatment, but at the scale required for the anticipated usage of the vehicle washing station. Clark worked with the client, architect, and mechanical and electrical engineers to keep the project on schedule. The site functions as needed for drainage, vehicle turning movements, and storage capacity. 

Lincoln County Highway Department
Canton, SD
Services Provided

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