Automotive Manufacturing and Research & Development

In addition to providing engineering services, IMEG offers advanced manufacturing design and other specialty services to its automotive, electric vehicle, and battery simulation research and development customers. We provide services and design for labs, offices, and manufacturing facilities for automotive clients such as General Motors Corporation, Stellantis, Ford Motor Company, Chrysler Canada, Renault SA, Renault do Brazil,  RIVIAN, Tesla, Toyota Motor Manufacturing and Kia Motors. IMEG also maintains permanent staff at both the Chrysler Tech Center in Auburn Hills, Mich., and the GM Tech Center in Warren, Mich., with over 5,000 completed projects between the two sites.

Advanced Manufacturing

IMEG has designed a variety of advanced manufacturing plants, including those involved in heavy manufacturing, machining and light manufacturing, and processing. Other manufacturing facilities and spaces we’ve designed include warehouse distribution centers, administrative offices, pilot plants, research and development laboratories, clean rooms and hazardous storage.

Process Design

IMEG’s processing design is integrated across all design disciplines to provide facilities that are easy to maintain, inspect, and clean. We have provided engineering design and services for a variety manufacturers’ processing plants, working on new construction, upgrades and expansions. Our processing design services include establishing the project scope, program, process flow diagrams, site layout, building arrangement, equipment layout, and equipment specification.